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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Secrets And Magic Fireflies

Firefly, flying nocturnal animals and can be lit klo malem day, beautiful is not it, for it was the experts from the British company Biotrace International, makes fireflies light detection technology used in the deadly germs like E. coli or legionella. The use of this tool has penetrated the food industry.

wonders fireflies

In the evening, around the garden or shrub dark, there are times when we see the light glowed like a light yellow or green. Light sweet finger nails as small pieces are hovering above the ground. That fireflies which in English is called "firefly". These creatures include a kind of luminous insects of the beetle (Coleoptera-Lampyridae).

Looked after by humans, light fireflies flickering like an ordinary small bulbs. However, the study revealed, it turns out this is a particular communication with flickering rhythm, like Morse code used by humans in a telegram. Biologists found that the light released beetles play a role in finding a mating partner. When reached marrying age, the male looking for female mate by emitting light flicker. Firefly females around who saw it will issue its light to answer the male. The females seemed to say, "I am here!" With this answer, the male sends signals to position the light next to the female lead. Females will be answered again, and so on, until finally shouted to each other as the pair meet for mating.

For the Photuris firefly light, they played well in the hunt. Females of this type can mimic the flickering light signals emitted by females to other types, such as Photuris. With this false light signals, male fireflies Photuris types was caught and eaten by the Photuris females.

Firefly light contributes as a warning sign, to warn inter-neighbor kind of threat, or a warning to insects and birds of prey so as not to eat it. Therefore, the substance triggers the formation of fireflies light bitter. If there is a desperate insect predators, they usually take the firefly's body from the head, all the way to the rear, except the abdomen which is not eaten.

Why do fireflies could bring 'light' to and fro without overheating? The researchers are interested in the phenomenon. Because electric light bulb known so far when illuminated, will eventually heat up. Judging from energy efficiency, Edison's electric light bulb is only capable of producing light about 10% of all electrical energy delivered, most of the rest turns into heat. This causes the electric light heat. In contrast, light-producing organ in the body releasing fireflies around 100% of the energy in the form of light. It makes the cold light. Imagine if fireflies glow hot like incandescent bulbs, they will probably burn and die.

Firefly light released by a special organ that is composed of light-producing cells called fotosit. The organ is situated on the fourth vertebra or the 5th of his body. Twinkling firefly light is the result of a chemical reaction involving a chemical called luciferin resulting light-producing cells. Through a series of stages of chemical reaction, luciferin and luciferase enzyme with the help of certain substances react to form a number of new chemicals by removing virtually 100% of the energy in the form of light. Energy is wasted as heat very little. Compare with man-made electric light.

To be present form, incandescent go through lengthy research process, ie 50 years. The development of the electric light bulb starts since Sir Humphrey Davy in 1811. Thomas Alva Edison managed to develop it into an electric light bulb in 1878. At that Edison sent people across the world to find the best material as filaments ("filaments") bulb. He tried no less than 6000 wire or fiber materials, including plants such as bamboo, before finally discovered filament durable non-combustible gases in non-oxygenated ball. Edison who then gave birth to the establishment of the Edison General Electric, which is now the world's giants: General Electric.

So, ever since Thomas Edison until now, there was no electric light technology that matched fireflies light the cold. Necessary intelligence and hard work of many people to find the best electric light bulb. Then intelligence Who created the cold light of a firefly? Could fireflies themselves doing research, trying thousands of chemical substances, and eventually found himself light in it? Impossible, because he mindless creatures. Anyway, fireflies and light must have existed since the first time it was created. Because, without light, fireflies will not be able to multiply and extinct species of the first. All of this leads us to the conclusion: the firefly and the light is not formed gradually by itself, through natural events alone, and without the creation of intelligent purpose. From the outset, it must necessarily be created luminous beetles completely, complete with light Mahacerdas Creator. He is Allah, the Best of Creation.

Fireflies emit no light constantly, but flicker or turn the lights on and off. This means that there are certain mechanisms in the body that plays a role switching on and off a light, like a button or switch electric lights connect and disconnect the electrical current flowing to the light bulb. Switch 'firefly lights' has long been a puzzle for scientists. However, a few years ago, Barry Trimmer and his team from Tufts Univeristy, USA, reported its findings about the switch fireflies in leading scientific journals, Science. Barry Trimmer said: "We have seen in terms of the chemical that makes fireflies glow, but we now get answers to the puzzle that had been non-missed that explains how they are able to turn on and off switch." (BBC News, Sci / Tech , June 28, 2001).

This molecule-sized switch apparently is the chemical nitric oxide (NO) produced in the body of fireflies. In that study, the fireflies are placed in a small box covered and NO substance turned out to emit light continuously without falter. Nitric Oxide also exist in the human body, and plays a role to maintain blood pressure by dilating blood vessels, helping the immune system encounter germs, and delivers signals between brain nerve cells.

Light fireflies in the technology now used in the detection of deadly germs, such as E. coli or Legionella, the swimming pool and bathhouse. E coli is a bacterial cause of human gastrointestinal disease, while the bacteria Legionella is a bacteria cause lung disease (a type of pneumonia) with a mortality rate of 5-15% of patients. The presence of these bacteria in the pool is certainly not desirable. Experts from Biotrace International has managed to create a device that can recognize the presence of these germs in seconds; better than the old way which takes several days. This tool works using firefly luciferase enzyme, which would produce light when the germs are. The number of bacteria can be determined based on the strength of the light produced. The use of this tool has penetrated the food industry, and about 15 million packages of these tools have been sold, according to BBC News, May 9, 2003.

Two years ago, although the new phase of testing on mice, the work of researchers at the University of California, at Los Angeles (UCLA), United States, found that the chemical that makes fireflies glow may help physicians determine the spread of prostate cancer so that they can carry out the treatment directly toward the target. Genetic engineering techniques are used to send chemical genes producing fireflies light directly to the cancer cells in mice. After three weeks, the camera imagers managed to find cancer cells in the marrow of the spine and lungs because the light emitted firefly cell. Dr. Lily Wu, an assistant professor at UCLA, said: "Once you know where the cancer is located, you get a handle to treat it.'s Much better than treating the entire body with a chemical treatment. By attaching light on cancer cells, we can say , 'nah, that's him over there', and then take the shot. "(BBC, Health, July 22, 2002). advantage of this method is, though dim and the light produced in the body, but can still be detected from the outside using a sensor device art.

Dr. Theodossiss Theodossiou, physicians of the National Medical Laser Center Univeristy College, London, also using firefly lighting technology in developing therapies fotodinamika. The technique seeks to destroy the cancer cells from the body by inserting a gene that will be a source of light to the cancer cells themselves. After glowing like a firefly, cancer cells are triggered to produce toxins which then forces the cancer cells destroy themselves.

The researchers also inspired use fireflies lighting technology for a variety of things, including whether or not to monitor new treatments work. At Michigan University, United States, reported that this technology can be used to accelerate the testing of new drugs for diseases such as cancer, stroke, AIDS, immune disorders, blood disease, the damage caused by heart disease due to nerve damage, and a variety of other disorders that require killing of cells by the drug, or to stop cell death. This technique can also be used to monitor a variety of processes that occur at the cellular level.

The technology uses light fireflies in the diverse field of experts is surely proof of the perfection of the creation of a firefly that can not be made by the experts, and inspire their technology. All this is a reflection of the unparalleled intelligence of the Creator, Allah SWT. He is the Merciful, who created all creatures to be considered and utilized for the benefit of mankind. Man ought glorify God and thank Him

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